Coconut Concussion is the second single for TEF’s upcoming album Exit/Enter (spring 2022). It’s a light hearted, sunny song with some dark melancholic overtones. It deals with the idea of thinking that you’re having a great time, when actually you aren’t; Like a coconut falling on your head while relaxing in your hammock. Its content matter reflects the emotional struggle surrounding a separation.

Something we can probably all relate too!

Update; january 2022: new single Coconut Concussion is out on January 14th 2022. Check out this little teaser vid!

And here’s the (self produced) lyric video for Quarantine Blues!

January 2021

In the first half of 2020, TEF created this song, this Quarantine Blues. It’s a bleak view on the world at the time and also reflects the personal struggle TEF went through during the first quarter of 2020. It features Matt Snowden on drums, Rahsaan Lacey on bass and Eric Trudel on saxophone!

Using his music as an outlet for his personal struggle at the time, TEF created a string of new original songs that will see the light of day in his upcoming release “Exit/Enter”, due for 2022. Quarantine Blues is the first single for this album. The amazing cover art by Ser Sinestesico (Ruben Farzati) is a perfect reflection of TEF’s predicament in the first half of 2020


On August 10th, TEF will release an EP of cover songs titled Changes. Reworked (and translated to English-) tracks by famous dutch songwriters stand next to unknown favourites from David Crosby and Alan Parsons, both very influential artists for TEF


2020 will be a year of creating and recording new songs. In the meantime enjoy “12, 11, 5” , an EP of classical piano compositions that TEF created throughout the years. This EP features pianist Xander Benham on all tracks except TEF’s  Nocturne #12,  which he plays himself

 “12, 11, 5” is released as a two part EP in february 2020. It gives an insight into TEF’s creative evolution from classical pianist to modern rock composer 

Faith & Superstition by TEF New album out now!

Lead single "Evolution" available on digital formats and CD

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