About TEF

TEF is the musical identity of Thomas Jongsma (43). Composer, lyricist, musician, engineer, producer. TEF enjoys all aspects of the production process. He’s influenced by incidents that catch his eye and events that touch his heart.

His latest album “Faith & Superstition” consists of 12 pop rock tracks with a production aesthetic resembling early eighties experimental acts like Talk Talk, Bowie and Simple Minds. The melodical style however, is more rooted in the seventies. Multilayered vocals like CSN, Queen and again, Bowie.
The contemporary use of bass and drums are reminiscent of the Seattle bands TEF grew up with in his late teens and modern prog rock acts like The Pineapple Thief and Porcupine Tree.

“Faith & Superstition” questions people’s beliefs and motivations; individual actions may have big consequences for the world and global changes have an enormous effect on the individual. Is everything that seems bad, really that bad? And vice versa?  

After the shout out to the world, that “The Concept” (2012) was, TEF’s latest effort focuses more on the music and less on the message.

2020 sees the release of two EP’s; An EP of classical piano compositions that TEF wrote through the years. He collaborated with pianist Xander Benham for this project. 

On august 10th TEF releases a second EP consisting of four cover songs. Unknown gems that need (renewed) appreciation, in TEF’s eyes, that is!!

TEF Music 2019