IN 2013 TEF realised his dream and created a rock opera titled "The Concept". Born as a sequel to the amazing tribal love musical "Hair", TEF's project took on a life of itself. This is the official teaser video for "The Concept", written and performed by TEF


a rockopera (Teaser Video)

“The Concept” consists of 26 original songs telling the story of Tom, a talented and popular television talk show host who has drifted away from the idealistic, progressive ideas of his youth and instead turned into a selfish and wealthy man.

Through the TV talkshow he hosts,”Tom’s World”, he is introduced to Laura Sterling, leader of the “Conceptual Peace Lovers” (CPL), a modern, influential hippie community that tries to instruct the world in their way of living, their “Concept”. Laura seizes an opportunity and convinces Tom to come to a CPL demonstration in Amsterdam to regain his lost ideals.

An old friend of Tom however, is tricked into sabotaging this meeting. At all costs…..

This teaser is an insight in the music and the idea of “The Concept”. Only a handful of songs are used in this video. The music is accompanied by a slideshow to get an idea of the general mood of the rock opera.

TEF is considering producing a stage musical of this rock opera as one of his future projects.


From ” The Concept”, a Rockopera, by TEF

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